Ok here it goes. The first blog.

The start of a long, fact filled journey of the things that interest me and I want to share. It’s been brought to my attention that I like to rant. Now, everyone likes to rant but for me it makes me feel better. By getting it off my chest it makes me able to react to difficult situations in a rational and mature way…. this is accomplished by saying to you what I’d REALLY like to say to the people making mine and my family’s life more difficult. Utility Suppliers, mobile phone operators, my children’s school and the local health care professionals all have a special place in the heart of this blog. A blank canvas of my opinions and, I’ll be honest, not always well thought through arguments but ones that seem justified at the time.

In my private life I have two small children. As any parent knows these take over our lives. Everything revolves around them and as a direct result a large section of this blog will involve them. ‘Kids say the funniest things’ is absolutely spot on and I can pretty confidently say the things that come out of my kids mouths are priceless…..

My starting posts will be a history lesson of the letters I have sent, the rants I have offered and general day to day incidents I feel appropriate to share with you. Up until now I have shared these with friends and family through Social Media but I want to use this blog to share the best, and worst, of these. Enjoy……….

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