Dear Morleys,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for making the lead up to my daughter’s first day at school so exciting. Now, I accept that whoever is reading this letter does not know the story that unfolded so I’d like to share:
The school year ended in July. Knowing that we were away for the majority of the holiday we decided to be prepared. School uniform needed to be ordered and it would be Alisha’s first year so we headed over to your lovely store.  “Morleys – the School Uniform Specialist”. How could it possibly go wrong?……
So the order is made, the polite young man let’s me know that we’ll receive a text message when our order is in and off we went. We had our lovely family holiday and before we knew it it was 2 weeks before school started and we had no uniform. The next three days were spent ringing your store. Not because we enjoyed hearing their voice, but because nobody answered the phone. Message after message was left but nothing. On the fourth day just as I decided to pay you a visit the phone rung. Here’s the conversation :
Lady: Is that Mr Bernard?
Me: Erm no, I’m sorry I think you have the wrong number.
Lady: You didn’t order a school uniform from Morleys?
Me: Oh I see. Yes I did sorry. But my name is Bromley.
Lady: So you’re not Mr Bernard?
Me: No I’m not. I’m Mr Bromley.
Lady: I need to speak with Mr Bernard.
Me: There isn’t a Mr Bernard here. I think you must have the name mixed up. I’m Mr Bromley and I ordered some uniform with you.
Lady: Well alot of people have ordered uniform with us but I need to speak with Mr Bernard. We’ll text you when your order is ready…. 
Me: WAIT. it’s me you want. Hello?? Hello?

Yes she’d hung up. I tried to call back and shockingly enough no one answered. At this point I could feel the vein in my head throbbing but the phone rung again. I composed myself :
Me: Hello.
Lady: Is that the gentleman I just spoke to?
Me: Mr Bromley. Yes it is.
Lady: I think I wrote your name down wrong. There is no Mr Bernard.
Me: Really? Ok so you rung me about my order?
Lady: No. You left a message. I’m just calling you back.
Me: (starting to lose my rag) Yes I left you 14 messages. Asking about where my daughter’s uniform is?
Lady: You’ll get a text message when it’s ready.
Me: Yes but my daughter starts school in a week and at the moment she’ll have to wear a ballet outfit and wellies.
Lady: We are due a delivery next week so they should be in then.
Me: Right is that definite?
Lady: Yes and we’ll send you a message.
Me: Ok thanks.


So the customer service wasn’t the best. However, all I wanted was her uniform so I ‘patiently’ waited…..

Yep you guessed it, Nothing. 3 days before the biggest day of her young life and Alisha had nothing. I was not happy so off I went to your store. As soon as I arrived I knew there was a problem. There was a queue of about 8 people. It wasn’t just a queue though. It was a queue of the angriest looking and most fed up group of people I’ve ever seen……. There was shouting and arguing. The poor young staff were getting a mouthful and amongst the expletives I soon got the distinct impression other people hasn’t received their uniform either.
I waited patiently. Eventually we made it to the front and too be fair the young man was very polite and apologetic and  looked like he was about to walk out and join the queue to complain.
Basically the uniform hadn’t arrived. They had a PE bag. The book bag had arrived but wasn’t the correct one. In fact they had ordered one that they already had another 100 in stock. Genius.
So to cut a long story slightly shorter we ordered 3 jumpers, 3 shirts, a book bag and a PE bag and came away with one bag.

Fuming. Your company has one job. One specialty. Order uniform and get it here ready for school. I’m no expert but I’m guessing the rest of the year is pretty quiet so can you explain to me why my daughter’s first day at school looked more like her 3rd day at boot camp. Everything was too big. She looked like she’d been dressed by a blind man…..  No wait, the blind man’s guide dog.


It turns out we’ll receive our long awaited order on the 10th October. Yes, 5 weeks after school starts and a hugely impressive 11 weeks after the order was originally made.
You really are ‘School Uniform Specialists’ – specialists in complete incompetence.

Thank you for your consistentcy throughout this process.

Kind Regards

James Bromley