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Dear FA,

I am writing to you as a passionate England fan. I love my country and I love football and will support my team no matter what. I currently live
in the Midlands so getting to Wembley is not easy, an issue alot of fans suffer. Due to this and the cost of watching
games I am forced to watch most games on TV.
However, when the match against Norway was announced I was more excited than normal. The reason for this is my partner is Norwegian. My two young children are half Norwegian. Finally, here was an opportunity as a family to go to the home of football and watch our National Teams play against each other. Possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity. My son was uncontrollably excited.
Then I checked the date. Wednesday 3rd September 8pm. Surely not. Even the FA couldn’t get this SO wrong?!!
Let’s break this down :
Wednesday – Midweek. Most people work and despite what you might think we all don’t live in London. Travelling down to Wembley after work in rush hour is impossible.
3rd September – The day kids go back to school. Yes that’s right. They have had 6 weeks off and you decide to have the game on the first day back. They have to get up early for school. What parent would jeopardise their kids schooling for a football match? None, so this is also impossible.
8pm – again most young kids should be in bed before 10pm when this match is due to finish. Plus with the journey home this again makes the match impossible.

AND THEN your organisation comes out into the press stating you are struggling to sell tickets and urging fans to support their team?? Are you surprised???? It has nothing to do with our patriotism. The football we have been watching over the last few years would be a decent reason alone to lose motivation to watch England but the fans will always stay loyal. We love our country but we need your help. Make it possible to support our team. Look at your audience. Look at the day to day struggle people in England have to deal with. Stop making it impossible to support our country and use your position to make matches affordable. Use your position to make matches attainable. Wembley will be empty not because of a lack of support, but because we CAN’T go.

I hope that this gives you a small insight into the frustration an England fan has in trying to share the National game with his family. I’ll just have to hope Norway host England in Oslo sometime in the future as I’m pretty sure the Norwegian FA will do everything they can to encourage their fans.

I look forward to your generic response.
Kind regards

James Bromley