Well after a fantastic 2 week holiday recharging the batteries with the family – the kids however using the opportunity to be that little bit extra hyperactive (blog to follow shortly!!) – it was a lovely surprise to receive a notification that I have been nominated for a second time for the Liebster Award. An award that allows bloggers to nominate those blogs that they enjoy and gives an opportunity to create extra exposure for everyone. A great idea that enables bloggers to interact and help others develop.

A massive thank you to Natalie Callahan for the nomination. Check out her blog Thought Bubble.
It’s a great read and I fully recommend you giving it a look and a follow.
Now as I have already made my nominations previously I won’t re-nominate but I will answer the questions Natalie has sent me:
1. If you had the choice of either being able to fly, turn invisible on command, or having the ability to read minds, which would you choose and why?
Well, I wouldn’t fly as I’m a nervous flyer at the best of times and hate the thought of the superpower wearing off while 30,000ft in the air. I’m not sure I’d want to know what people were thinking all the time. Some times the fun is in not knowing so definitely turning invisible. The fun that could be had with that is endless.
2. Top 3 favorite movies?

Tough one as I love my films but in no particular order I’d have to say Shawshank Redemption, Jame Bond Films (yes all of them that’s allowed) and maybe Identity with Guy Pierce.

3. Favorite musical instrument?


I can’t play any but would have loved to have learnt the guitar. I also have a soft spot for a saxophone!

4. If you were buying your dream home, how would the landscape around it look? (e.g. Mountains, a lake, a forest…)


Beach, sea and swimming pool. Plenty of sun and a cocktail waiting to be drunk.

5. Best memory?


My kids being born. I know it’s corny but the moment itself is such a blur it’s the memories you have to look back on that I treasure the most.

6. What’s your silliest fear? (We all have one!)


Erm having the power to fly and it stop working at 30,00ft?????

7. Forgetting current skills, if you could have any career you wanted, what would it be?


Professional Footballer (Soccer) is the obvious one but more realistically a paramedic.

8. Favorite animal?



9. Cold weather or hot weather?

Hot Weather all day long.
10. Favorite planet in our solar system?

Earth – never been to the others!!

11. Favorite word?

Thanks again Natalie for the nomination and keep up the good work.