So, it’s that time of year again. The schools break up for the summer holidays. The kids are ridiculously hyperactive and the parents try to share this enthusiasm but the sheer terror of having to find 6 weeks worth of entertainment for them soon overpowers them!
However, I have to say I love the last day of school. The kids bring home all their work from the year and finally we get to see what they’ve been upto……..

Now, there’s always that one piece of work that sticks out from the collection and this year was no exception:

Name Some British Landmarks:


Nottingham Castle
Cadburys World
Stapleford Library
Andy’s Fish Bar


Now let me make this clear, Andy’s Fish Bar is a nice little fish and chip shop near our house. I get the impression Tristan didn’t fully understand this topic……….

And finally, my beautiful daughter. It turns out that throughout this year she has received 2 marriage proposals from boys in her class. “Oh how cute” everyone says. “Ah bless them” they all laugh. Now I know I’m being unreasonable. My little girl is 4 and yes it’s all very sweet but please tell me, is it wrong to genuinely want to find these two boys, give them a wedgey, flick their forehead and warn them off????


There’s a special bond between father and daughter. She drives me mad. She’s stroppy, stubborn and completely unreasonable…… But I already know I will be more protective of her than my son. I can’t help it!

Potential Boyfriends and/or Girlfriends just bear that in mind………..