Ok here’s the deal… The best thing about starting a blog is being able to have a look at who’s read it. I’ve had readers from Canada, Brazil, USA, India and various other exotic parts of the World. For this I’m extremely grateful.

However, my dream at this point… With the World Cup going on and my alliance switching to another Country is that I would love my blog to be read by someone in COSTA RICA. Explaining to my kids that their exploits are being shared across the globe and managed to reach this country we have been cheering for would be amazing.
The more I hear and see of this country the more I’m loving it. I’ll be supporting these boys until the very end of the tournament.

So, what I ask is that you share
this blog. You share it with friends, family, colleagues, strangers. ANYBODY AND EVERYBODY.


Spread the word and get my blog to the land that we could all learn to love.

I’ll update you on the progress, where it goes and who sees it but if and when it reaches the promise land I’ll celebrate and YOU will all be too thank.



and thank you in advance. I’m excited……