Now I’m not one for sentimental posts. In awkward situations I tend to make inappropriate jokes, giggle a bit and then make my escape as quick as possible….. It has been suggested I have ‘Chandler-esque’ traits but that’s just NOT true!! (Loving the fact I can sneak in ‘Friends’ jokes that make me chuckle).


Anyway, having said all that I love my kids and my family and here I am lying in bed with a poorly 4 year old next to me and all I can think about is how unbelievably pathetic kids are at this age….. Now don’t take that the wrong way. I mean how vulnerable and dependant they are on you to do what’s right. All Alisha cares about at this point when she wakes up is that I’m there to give her some water, medicine, a cuddle and her cuddly rabbit. That is our role. No questions, that is what we’re here for and there isn’t a parent out there who should want it any different.

Now going back to my tendency to make light of difficult situations, tonight I have tried everything to make my Princess smile. I’ve told jokes, I’ve pulled faces, I have talked about pigeon poo and I’ve even sung a song but the one thing that made her smile? No, not just smile, laugh? Cackle like a possessed witch who had Dorothy face down in her cauldron of boiling water?
………I stubbed my toe. On the bed. Hard. While I was fetching my ‘Princess’ a glass of water. The pain was excruciating! Worse than gallstones. Worse than childbirth. This was unbelievable agony and as I was curled up on the floor hoping I had some left over morphine from the operation a few weeks previously what do I hear? My daughter sat up in hysterics, laughing so hard her stomach hurts and she needs to go to the toilet. This is a girl that has been bedridden since she got home from school but my pain produced this miracle cure.

Fortunately, the pain didn’t last long. I recovered. Alisha calmed down and decided it was my fault for making her laugh and therefore I would be banished from MY bed for the night so Mummy can lay with her.

I love my kids. I’d do anything for them and I hate it when they’re ill. I love the fact they rely on me to make things better. To be there when they need us most. I have no doubt over the years there will be many more ‘stubbed toe’ incidents. Things that cause me pain but afterwards realising it was totally worth it to see the smile on their face.

I’ll be lying here for the rest of the night thankful for what I have as she sleeps peacefully……………. Fighting the urge to give her shove in revenge for the swollen toe!