Firstly I’d like to apologise. This blog was never meant to be an outlet for me to share my footballing opinions….  I’m aware I can get a little bit passionate. Slightly irrational. Some might even say overly critical. However, the World Cup in Brazil this year has been nothing short of amazing. Better anyone thought it would be. For that reason I warn you now…. I won’t beable to help myself. However my message to those of you not interested in football is bear with me. It’s only on a couple more weeks and then it will be done and I assure you life will go back to normal.


However, in the meantime I can’t shake this feeling that Brazil may very well win this thing. Don’t get me wrong they haven’t been great. In fact at times they’ve been pretty ordinary but they’ve won. They’re the first team in the quarter-finals and they’re yet to lose. Chile were great today. They deserved something out of this game and I think they have gained several new fans after this World Cup. With Brazil though I can see them improving and with Neymar they are capable of producing the magic to beat anybody.

I have backed Argentina from the start and I still think they’ll be the ones to beat but there’s something telling me that Brazil may have something to say about that.
Brazil vs Argentina is my dream final now although I have a soft spot for Costa Rica. I enjoy watching football on TV but this has been the first World Cup I’ve desperately wished I’d been there in person to experience the atmosphere and ridiculously exciting football that has been played.

Well done Brazil, well done to the fans and dare I say it….. Well done FIFA!