Tristan: “I don’t understand… Why do the Uruguay players look better than the England players? I don’t even know where Uruguay is”.

That is a question we’ve waited 47 years to know the answer to. Every tournament we seem to bottle it. Most of these players play in the English Premier League in front of thousands of fans every week and millions at home but as soon as they put on an England shirt they seem to freeze.

Last week against Italy there were positive signs but our defensive frailties and inability to keep the ball surfaced again and our fear of one player gave him the opportunity to terrify our defenders. Suarez was 80% fit at best but he had us beaten before the match even started….
We looked scared to go near him and giving him space is like giving an Alcoholic keys to a Pub. He won’t ask twice and will take the opportunity with both hands.

So, technically we’re not out of the World Cup yet but realistically we may as we’ll start the count down to the Euros. All I ask Roy is now against Costa Rica we have absolutely nothing to lose. Play all the youngsters, excite the nation and provide something for us all to be excited about over the next 2years.

Smalling Jones. Cahill. Shaw.

Wilshire. Henderson

Sterling. Barkley. Ox.chamberlain


Although this is the team I would play I’d also be making some desperate phone calls to all the Premier League managers praying there are some decent young defenders coming through the system because Smalling and Jones will make me wake in the night in cold sweats.

The flag will stay up, I’m proud to be English. I like Roy and think we should stick with him. Keep the faith!