So, here we go. Finally the World Cup has arrived. Here’s my predictions for the tournament:

Winners: Argentina
Runners Up: Brazil
3rd Place: Spain

Top Scorer: Sergio Aguero

And England?  Hopefully qualification from the group stage but definately not guaranteed. I just hope that we play some decent football and the 90 minutes are not as unbearable to watch as normal 🙂

And finally I can’t talk about the World Cup without sharing my thoughts on Mr Sepp Blatter.  THE most corrupt man on the planet. He makes politicians look like Mother Theresa.  How can this man be allowed to run the biggest and most influential organisation in world sport? Well that’s simple,  because he is voted in by a group of people as equally corrupt as he is. Why would they want change when they get to travel the world receiving unmentionable incentives?
We all know it’s wrong but unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s an old pals club and nothings going to change.

So on that note,  let’s enjoy the biggest spectacle on the planet, enjoy the greatest players of this generation pitting themselves against each other and all hope that at some point, on one wonderful day, that brand new Adidas World Cup football smacks Mr Blatter squarely between the eyes….. That would truly prove dreams do come true!

Come on England!!