Over the past 6 months I have been watching proudly as my partner works hard to juggle bring a mum to 2 and studying to become a teacher. Her particular course involves a full weeks work in school and assignments etc are done in her own spare time.  Firstly I’d like to emphasise how proud I am of her for this.  As she submitted her second assignment today the relief on both our faces was evident to see.
I would like to use this opportunity to point out a few things I have noticed during this period. Having been a student myself in my younger days the difference between a normal student and a student with Kids is clear:

1) Dedication is the key – she was up all night with no sleep to get this done. Yes,  there were times we, as young students, were up all night just before assignments were handed in but I can assure you it wasn’t through dedication.  It was through desperation and last minute panic – usually due to the previous 5 nights having been out all night for entirely different reasons!

2) Attention to detail is vital. I’m pretty sure the main body of her work was in place several days ago. However,  her attention to detail and drive to do the best she possibly can and ensure it’s as good as it could ever be meant that right up to the very last minute she was checking and checking again.
Now, from my experience as a single student, there was NO body of work in place prior to the deadline.  Not even a finger. That last all nighter was when the magic happened.  When all that ‘knowledge’ that had been stored in our head, and hadn’t been ruined by excess alcohol, would be thrown into a computer screen in the vague hope it made sense and would be coherent.

3) Managing your time and priorities is difficult with Kids  At the end of the day the kids will always be the most important thing in a parent’s life and so they should be. The saying “we work to live,  not live to work” is true.  So asking a parent to put their family life on hold pretty much permanently for a whole year is difficult,  especially with young children. My partner has managed this.  The kids will not have noticed much difference.  She had managed the workload as best she can to limit the effect on them,  generally to the detriment of herself.
Now, younger students??? Hahaha well too be fair there are sacrifices they have to make when assignments are due too. For example,  the week it is due in they will have to make do with going out 6 nights a week instead of 7 obviously to fit in that last night of ‘studying’. Of course there will always be times they can’t sleep in until lunchtime and have a catch up snooze in a lecture theatre but sacrifices have to be made.

Now I don’t want to question the dedication of young, single students.  I was one and obviously it’s not easy.  My point is there is a MASSIVE difference between them and a family orientated mature student.  At the end of the day it’s their choice to do the course but I just wanted to share from 1st person perspective how hard it is and how impressed I am with what they do.

Well done guys. … We need more people like you!! 😀