Dear BBC,

Despite my previous posts your coverage of Curling in the Winter Olympics had got me hooked. I’m really enjoying learning this sport and cheering on the GB teams as they battle it out for a semi final spot.  This enjoyment is in spite of the fact the commentators clearly have no idea what they’re taking about and it appears they have been picked up on the Russian streets and told to make the most of the situation. For the record, they’re crap and the woman in particular gives me a migraine.  Please leave her in Russia when the Games are complete.
Anyway,  due to my new found enthusiasm for this sport I showed my dedication by setting my alarm for the ungodly hour of 5am today to cheer on the men’s team against our arch enemies – the dreaded essentric Norwegians,  complete with crazy trousers.
So,  imagine my reaction when I switch on the TV,  flick to the channel that’s advertising the Curling and…… It’s not on.  IT’S NOT ON!!! No explanation.  The TV guide says it’s on.  The Internet says it’s on.  Virgin Media says it’s on.  That stupid cow who does all the commentary says. ….. It’s Monday and the match is on ‘tomorrow’. Well no actually.  It’s Tuesday. The match is today.  FFS BBC how difficult is it.  Yes nothing else on.  It’s not brain surgery.  I search the Internet and low and behold the match is on BBC I player.  I AM NOT WATCHING THE ENTIRE MATCH ON MY PHONE!!!
Anyway,  eventually after 45 minutes we happen to find the match on a completely different channel to that advertised!! I would have chuckled at this if this was in the afternoon.  As it is I’m tired,  grumpy,  irritated and now the only thing getting me through this painful experience is the thought of THAT woman being attacked by a rogue Russian Wolf on the way back to her hotel.
Thanks for your continued dedication to a completely shit coverage of the games. My TV license fee would be better spent purchasing a pirate satellite system enabling me to watch Scandinavian TV – watching what is advertised and the added bonus of not understanding the drivel that comes out of the commentator’s mouths.
Kind regards

James Bromley