45 minutes into a car journey to visit the grandparents Tristan has clearly had enough. ….

Tristan: Daddy. When I’m King of England do you know what I’m going to do?
Me: Erm no,  what will you do?
Tristan: I’m going to say that lorries are not allowed to overtake.  EVER!!
Me: Haha whys that then?
Tristan: Because it’s ridiculous. They’re sooooooooo slow.  We get stuck behind them all the time and it takes ages. All I want is to go to Grandma and Grandads but the stupid lorries go slow and stop us getting there.  Actually I’d stop lorries altogether.
Me: But how would the shops get all their things to sell?
Tristan: They can use a car. …….

Simple and effective! !!