I would like to share an observation I have made within 3 hours of having no children in the house:

There is such thing as feeling tidier.

Bear with me….
As a parent you accept untidiness.  In fact it becomes a normal every day occurrence that is just accepted.  Yes,  you try to keep things manageable, but as every parent will testify things are never tidy. Not tidy like they used to be.  Not tidy as you don’t have a near breakdown at just the thought of someone popping over for a visit without warning. Tidiness is a myth that just does not exist for the 16+ years you have children living with you.
However,  when they’re away not only is the peace and quiet obvious but that feeling of tidiness reappears just for a moment.  That feeling that when you leave a room it WILL be in the same state when you return.  There is no longer that dread of leaving a room unattended.  In fact if you need to use the toilet you can. That heavenly feeling that in fact you can go to the toilet in your own time without listening out for the crash in the other room. In fact,  if you want,  you can put both bum cheeks on the toilet seat for the entire duration of the process instead of hovering, primed for an emergency evacuation to deal with whatever drama is unfolding in the next room.

Yes I miss my kids.  It’s strange.  It’s quiet. I will hug them so tight when they come home.  However,  for this short time I will savour every moment I have in the bathroom. In fact for the foreseeable future there is a good chance the next few posts on this blog will originate from said location. ……

I hope this doesn’t distract in any way your enjoyment!!