Dear …….,Can you please explain to me why I bothered to book a day for delivery on a radiator when you clearly had no intention of keeping to it. Delivery slot 8am – 6.30 pm??? You could drive the length of the country in that time. You could fly to Thailand in that time, but you were unable to fit in delivering a radiator to Nottingham?? If you were an airline, you’d be Easyjet’s crappier sister company. If you were a bank you’d be Natwest, where customers can’t access their accounts. If you were a football team you’d be Barnet.
Hopefully my radiator will be delivered tomorrow, if not maybe I’ll travel the 5 MILES to your local store and pick it up myself!
I’ll end this letter with the observation that I assume you’ll be changing your name to ‘ScrewYou’, as this would sum up your staff’s attitude to their customers.
Kind (yet slightly cold) regards,
James Bromley