September 24th 2013:
Dear (Sport Clothing Store),
I have to admit I’m speechless. 3 months ago, that’s right THREE months ago we ordered a kit from you for my son’s football team totalling over £100. In these 3 months I have tried to call you numerous times to be greeted by a voicemail stating you’re too busy to take my call and requesting i don’t leave a message. …. I can only assume you’re too busy fucking up every one elses order and another one would just stress you out??
I’ve messaged you via your website with no response. After a number of emails I finally get a response. Wheres my sons kit I ask. … well I will now summarise the list of reasons I have been given by you:
1) The order had been despatched in July. You sure you haven’t received it? Erm no that’s why I’m ringing.
2) We can’t find the package we’ll reorder it to arrive this weekend. (It didn’t).
3) Some of the items are out of stock and we can’t get them in again (dint believe you tithead!)
4) Adidas items are currently delayed (ok but we ordered a Nike kit???)Anyway finally the order arrives… oh dear the sizes are ridiculous and don’t fit. I can only assume ‘small’ in your world means ‘small gorilla’ because they’re fucking huge!!
So, we take the items back and you’re now telling me they’re all out of stock so what do I want to do?
WHAT DO I WANT TO DO?? I want to ram these items of clothing so far up your arse it really would take another 3 months for them to resurface. .. but I can’t do that so I’ll have to make do with my money back.
Oh, and did I mention I paid £10 delivery for this??? (name of store)? More like Shit king I’m afraid.
Yours sincerely
James Bromley