February 11th 2014:
Dear (Local Hospital),Normally when I write a letter I’d introduce myself but bearing in mind I’ve been in and out of your hospital more times in the last 2 weeks than I have my front door, I’ll assume you already know me.
I am writing to request an explanation of the below points, each of which have led me to develop an anger management issue:
a) why can the assumption not be made that if a 31 year old comes into your hospital in pain and by looking into his history he had NEVER been to hospital before that he isn’t exaggerating and maybe a little extra investigation may be appropriate?
b) can the doctor not understand that calling this said ailment a ‘tummyache’ constantly despite the fact the patient is in obvious, visible agony is condescending and very f@#king disrespectful.?
c) once the diagnosis is finally made (this was only discovered when I started to look like Bart Simpson and my urine turned radioactive. I don’t have a PHD but I had a hunch something was up) and it’s established an operation is needed, the doctor insists it needs to be treated as urgent and the op will be done ‘within 2 weeks’, why do I contact the hospital to be told I need another scan first and this could be a wait of 6 WEEKS??
Ok I admit the doctor’s secretary (apparently I’m not important enough to speak to the man himself) did accept it needs to be done quicker than this and would look into it but I need to wait for a LETTER to tell me when my appointment will be? ?!!!
The ‘piss-up in a brewery’ expression seems appropriate here.
So to sum up. My GP has signed me off work but chances are I’ll still be waiting for the letter when the 2 weeks are up. Super service guys.
I am aware the sign in the hospital suggests we make complaints face to face but my ‘tummyache’ is quite uncomfortable at the minute so I’ll wait until I’m taken in again to give you my feedback.
Kind Regards
James Bromley
Ps. Does the job description for night staff at your hospital specify rude, obnoxious and not giving a shit as a requirement or is it just a happy coincidence that most of your staff carry those qualities?