April 27th 2013:
Dear Dave Jones,
Having watched Shef Wed fairly regularly this season and again tonight I have finally identified your recipe for ‘success’, and feel I am capable of building a team similar to yours… Firstly ger a decent keeper, at least he’ll stop a few shots. Then recruit 10 f@&king huge monsters who basically let opposition bounce off them. They don’t have to be good footballers, in fact this would probably ruin the game plan. The harder, higher and more random each player can kick the ball the better. The basic philosophy is the more we kick the ball into the opponents half the more likely the ball will hit somebody on the arse (doesn’t matter if it’s our player or not) and find it’s way in the net. It didn’t work today, and I’m pretty sure out doesn’t work in any walk of life except perhaps rugby…. If we can alter the shape of the ball we may stand a chance. Anyway, thanks Dave for making next weekend unbearable. My family will be overjoyed. Kind regards, James